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Hammock Straps Special Reinforced Polyester Straps

Hammock Straps Special Reinforced Polyester Straps

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Origin: Mainland China

Size: 200*2.5cm

Specifications: 5+1 ring

Material: Nylon



1.This strap is made of high quality 1000D nylon ribbon through exquisite processing. The nylon material has good durability. The ribbon is strong and will not rot easily in water. It is a good helper for outdoor activities.

2.This nylon ribbon after processing, has a strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, can be used in outdoor rainy days.

3.This strap can be used to protect the hammock rope from friction, extend the life of the rope, can also be used to protect trees from friction and injury.

4.The total length of the strap is 200cm, a total of 5 nodes, each node is reinforced, more solid, each node has an arc node design, can better cater to the curvature of the fastener, so that the force on the strap more uniform and reasonable.

5.The strap has a wide range of uses, not only can be used to install protective hammock rope, can be used to install swings, chairs and other outdoor tools, or to be a climbing rope, is a multi-functional ribbon.

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