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Egg Box Eggs Container

Egg Box Eggs Container

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Origin: Mainland China

Type: Eight squares Storage Box, Plastic Egg Holder for Camping

Material: Safe pp material,

Size: 8 grids: 19.5cm * 10.5cm * 7cm



1. Individual Compartment Design: Each egg has its designated slot in this egg box, ensuring even distribution and organized placement. The independent compartments with shockproof egg trays prevent eggs from colliding, falling, or getting crushed, keeping them safe during transportation or storage.

2. Built-in Slots: The egg holder container comes with built-in slots, allowing multiple boxes to be easily stacked and neatly arranged. This feature ensures efficient use of space and keeps your storage area tidy and organized.

3. Versatile Usage: This eggs box case is not only suitable for storing eggs but also ideal for holding meat, with an extended height of up to 7cm. Its large capacity and secure PP material make it perfect for preserving and organizing various food items such as meats, vegetables, and more.

4. Clear Visibility: The transparent design of the egg storage box allows for full visibility, enabling you to easily see the number of eggs or other contents stored inside. You can effortlessly monitor your inventory without the need to open the box, saving time and effort.

5. Convenient Hanging Hole Design: Hanging hole design, coupled with a D-buckle hanging on the backpack, making this egg holder kitchen container case ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. It frees up space inside the bag while keeping your eggs or other items within easy reach.
Package included:

1 x Outdoor Picnic Egg Storage Box

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