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Perimeter Camping Alarm

Perimeter Camping Alarm

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Origin: Mainland China

Product material: ABS

Type: Camping Alarm

Volume: more than125dB

Voltage: 1.5V

Applicable batteries: AA batteries



1.Property Protection: Create an active defense system for your property with our trip alarm. Protect your homes, campsites, and perimeter with a loud alarm that can also scare off animals.

2.Multiple Functions: Adjust Sensitivity for any Environment. This trip alarm boasts high-end mode, perfect for indoor, home, and commercial use; mid-range for calm outdoors; and low-end for wind outdoor areas. Hone your protection with the three adjustable sensitivity levels, switchable according to your needs and enjoy versatile use of this mid-range device.

3.Multifunctional Application: Combining lighting and flash features, this trip alarm is a perfect defense for outdoor night fishing, hazardous scenarios, wild camping, during power failure, and more.

4.Nighttime Protection: With our trip alarm, coyotes won't stand a chance. Set the anti-theft mode at night and upon invasion, the alarm emits a powerful sound and light, disrupting any attempts to enter your property. Stay safe and secure with this effective nighttime defense.

5.Wireless Control: Enjoy simple and convenient protection with our trip alarm's wireless remote control switch. No hassle with complicated installation steps, just place or suspend for ideal peace of mind.

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