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Solar Hand Crank Powered Light With AM/FM Radio 2000mAh USB Charging Hand Dynamo LED Flashlight

Solar Hand Crank Powered Light With AM/FM Radio 2000mAh USB Charging Hand Dynamo LED Flashlight

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Origin: Mainland China

Light Source: LED bulbs

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Usage: Camping Light

Features: Light With Radio

Body Material: ABS

Lighting Period (h): >12

Battery Type: LITHIUM ION

Color: Red

Maximum power consumption: 0.5W

Frequency range: FM / AM / NOAA
AM: 520~1710 KHz
FM: 87~108 MHz
NOAA: 162.450~162.550 MHZ

Working Voltage: 2.7V~4.2V

Power Supply: 2000mAh Lithium Ion Battery.

LED: 3 High-Brightness White LEDs

Size: About 130X60X40 (mm)

Weight: About 226g

- This is a self power emergency radio that you and your family can depend on, anytime anywhere, any weather
- Multifunctional: Weather Radio,3 LED flashlight, power bank
- Three charging methods. USB, solar, manual charging. Rechargeable radio is always available! The powerful 2000mAh battery can be charged via a USB cable, solar panel or hand crank.
- Carry it with you, necessary for emergencies. This lightweight AM/FM/NOAA radio is an easy way to listen to important weather or news updates. Put it in a suitcase or suitcase, or use the attached lanyard to carry it by hand. It's even small enough to fit in a pocket.
- Very compact, equipped with 1W more durable and powerful LED, which can be used for camping, backpacking, hiking or any other outdoor activities;
- Different from the original version, the 2000mAh model has a new battery indicator, which allows you to know the battery status at any time. There are a variety of colors to choose from.

2000mAh Multifunctional Portable Flashlight with Radio Hand Crank Solar USB Charging FM AM WB NOAA Weather Radio Emergency LED Flashlight Torch Power Bank

Mobile Phones Emergency Charging
Charge and discharge protection

Multiple Power Supply Methods:
Hand crank, solar energy. Turn off the internal alternator/expose to sunlight
USB DC5V charging, connect to the computer with a USB cable

How To Use The Radio:
Turn the VOLUME knob clockwise to turn on the radio and control the volume.
Select AM, FM or WB with radio frequency band. For better reception, please extend the radio antenna.
Turn TUNER DIAL to select a station. Green melody
When the selected radio station is fully connected, the indicator will light up.

How To Use The Flashlight:
Press the flashlight switch to turn it on.
Press the flashlight switch to turn it off.

Solar / Hand Crank / USB Power Supply:
1. Solar energy:
Place the product in average sunlight for about 10-12 hours, and the red power indicator will light up when charging.
2. Hand-cranked power:
Raise the crank.
Turn the hand crank clockwise or counterclockwise for 3-5 minutes to activate the internal battery for the first use or when the device is idle for more than 60 days. The red charging indicator lights up when starting up
For subsequent charging, turn the handle crank for 2-3 minutes (crank speed>=130rmp) to produce: 15-20 minutes of continuous lighting of three LEDs; 15-20 minutes of continuous radio use (medium volume);
3-5 minutes of talk time

How To Use USB Port Charging:
Plug one end of the charging cable into the Micro
Insert the other end of the USB JACK into the computer USB port.
When the lithium-ion battery is low, the red power indicator lights up and the battery is charging
Charge mobile phones, PDAs, MP3...
Lift the rubber tab on the side of the device.
Plug one end of the charging cable into a standard USB port, and plug the other end into the external device to be charged.

Charging Protection:
Red LED goes out, there is discharge protection when fully charged
Automatically stop the output when the battery is overloaded or short-circuited
When the battery voltage is lower than 2.5v, the power will automatically shut down

Care and Maintenance:
Wipe the outside of the device with a soft damp cloth.
Use standard lens cleaning products to clean the lens.
Do not use rough abrasives or any solvents to clean the equipment.
This machine is not completely waterproof---only waterproof Ipx3. Do not immerse in water.
When the device has been idle for more than 60 days, or used for the first time. Please crank or charge in the sun for 3 to 5 minutes to activate the internal battery

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