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Strengthened 21 Holes Automatic Fishing Net

Strengthened 21 Holes Automatic Fishing Net

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Origin: Mainland China

Knot Type: Single

Length: 95cm

Thickness: Small Mesh

Depth: 2-3M

Fishing Net Material: Mesh, Nylon, Steel

Color: Green

Network Casting Package Weight: 0.24 kg

Fishing Nets Package Size (L x W x H): 60*22 cm

Size: 70x70x34 cm

Retractable: Yes

Mesh Size: Small

Style: Multifilament

Plastic Type: ABS



Small Tips for bait to be used:

This cage is for ponds, reservoirs, rivers and other waters. Put the bait that fish and shrimp likes inside the cage, then placed about 2 hours. It will achieve the desired effect! Suggest to use it in stilled water. Usually bait with steamed bread, sesame seed, rice, cooked sweet potatoes, rapeseed dry powder, flour, leftovers, ham sausage, rice noodles, rice noodles and so on. Earthworms, chicken roast duck bones can also be used (the meat bones, fish bones, chicken and duck bone need to be baked a little, then put into the cage, the effect is also good). For catching Shrimp you can add some smelly fishy food, such as snail meat, raw chicken intestines, etc. For catching Eel you must add earthworms. In River the bait need to be fishy, fragrant, heavy tasty. You can add some shrimp head, earthworms, liver, poultry offal, ham, distiller's grains and the like.

How to use:

Open the Shrimp Cage, fasten the Hanging String and the Float Ring to the cage.
Put some bait inside the cage, can be normal fishing bait, or anything that fishes/shrimps eat. You can use the bait bag we supply to save the bait.
Throw the Shrimp Cage into water, remember where to find the Float Ring.
After few hours or one day, come back and take out the Cage.
Then you got your harvest!!!

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